Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anahata opening...

This meditation focuses on the fourth chakra, the heart.
It is represented by the color green.

Posture & Mudra
Sit in easy pose with your spine straight. Bend your elbows and lift your hands up in front of your chest, facing each other but not touching. Allow the palms to look up toward the sky and spread the fingers wide apart. Keep the fingers stretched out as antennas of energy and visualize your heart opening up. Fill your heart with a glowing green light.

I open my heart to myself, release the sorrow, and replace it with the pure light of love.

Long, deep and slow breathing.

Close your eyes and focus on the third eye, look at the point between the eyebrow with your physical eyes. Roll your eyes upwards 30degrees creating a slight tension on the optical nerve.

Continue for 5-11 minutes. With practice the time may be expanded to 31 and 62 minutes. For maximum results, repeat for 40 consecutive days for at least five minutes.


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