Sunday, December 20, 2009

Intense Energy

Intense Energy

..the planetary energy at this time is intense.

those who do not tune in to it will be fractured by it.

those who learn to move with its subtleties will be






in this magnificent light.

...things will never be the same again on the planet.

the apple cart has been upset.

all bets are off.

all previously scheduled programs have been canceled.

the future is up for grabs.

the future is yours

if you dare to step to the center of your stage.

to master the new energy you must

follow your own path

relate to your own unique essence

become consciously your own cause of creation.

to merge with the new energy you must

move into your primal being

evoke your instinctual self

unleash your wild self

be unconditionally spontaneous

actively invite the vastness of cosmic creation

rebuild your foundation from the molten force

deep within Mother Earth.

eMpowerment reQuirements

...your initiation into your power requires you

to be able to separate your identity

from what happens around you

to observe other's actions and

not see them as a reflection of yourself

to observe what others do and say

without judgement or emotional involvement.

at the same time, you must acknowledge your feelings.

if something feels terrible, admit it.

if something is not okay, it is not okay.

just remember not to take other's idiocies personally. initiate yourself into your own power

you cannot settle for less than who you are.

you will get what you want

when you cease to sell yourself short

when you realize that you are priceless.

"The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World," by Guru Rattana, Ph.D.

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