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A crucial element in the Eastern experience of oneself as an immortal being is the fact that this achievement occurs through working on the body, in contrast to Western occult so-called subtle body experiences which frequently happen independently of the body. The West attempts to create immortality and reach heaven mainly through good works, and more recently through psychological growth and self-knowledge. Our tendency to skip the body itself partially accounts for our compulsive preoccupation with material security and physical health... Bt if the body is not integrated into self-knowledge, one becomes obsessed with its well-being. Psychological growth without body consciousness appears like a tree without roots.

Cultures are like individuals insofar as their consciousness is located in particular areas of the body. Generally speaking, the West is a "head tripper" and is bound to Ajna (third eye/sixth chakra),between the eyes, center of command. We manipulate our bodies and environments with our ideas, barely realizing that we are being controlled by an unmitigated flow of internal dialogue and unconsciousness. This is why much of our psychology is devoted to uprooting and understanding the personal shadow, the human figures in dreams, the stuff which keeps our world going. We feel like the drivers, but we also experience ourselves as driven by time. The flow of mental images possesses us.

~Dreambody, by Arnold Mindell~
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