Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Field & Garden of Circe

"The roar of the sea,
largeness of the tide,
the blue horizon,
the sun burning,
excite it."

[Richard Jeffries, Sun Life]

Even though you are heavier now
you will float on water & be like ice.
Everywhere you look you will be a parent
swelling & drifting, layer by layer,
pressed to the black stone known as coal
for millions of years on a piece of shale
the explorer's dogs were absorbed
for a liquid to turn to gas
for the chaffinch grateful for help
for the elegant delicate beak
for the glucose flurry "building with light"
naked & crouched in a nook of rubble
a dog a horse a self-willed wolf
like guarding a house with a bumpy tongue
& it doesn't take much just a
few young buds is usually enough,
a succulent slit while the taller the door
her hazardous egg their mouth agape
to skeleton, organs, affection & food
to making noises' spiky case
stippled with heat off a gulf of leaves
so small revolving honey pelt
so hottest point a flaunted sap
the fossil record most assent
so equinox decay remains
a good & solid boiler does,
in freshwater snail, in corms of crocus,
in pollen compulsion these flailing salts
this many shines, active a petal
& mineral mysteries list them plough,
a slow alive,
a solemn earth,
a miracle parent, a carrot,
amazing butters that hundreds of out,
that hollowed ocean algae worm by several noun,
sargasso elms not gills but lunge,
such coat of moisture bigger but danger,
nature around the year on over
a crop of sap, a possible rock-hard pear,
cocoon or dormant facet house,
produces branching bees as well,
anatomy rapidly animal lakes,
anatomy rapidly animal lakes,
grumble thorax splashed with yellow
flexible trump & soon may fly
browned on wingtip pumice
immortal maya soaring pillow
each beech attach a history of Venus
--pingala blush in obelisk--
anatomy rapidly animal lakes
the fossil record most assent
to soar on murmur swells the
patter numerical obstinate
loam of the pressure of years
of the story is very invited
and longs for names or
skullbone glues her
syrup a sun life shore to bone
shortwave for years to become
excited the story as light
is food we animal
membrane's karezza narcosis
to fend
these cool veins blue past throng
a thaw that soared ..s
by way of manifold pranks
in debts of protein end on end
"...there is a massive convergence of mobile minds
flying upward on a gradient of surprise..."
just waiting waiting & sweet untold "you know
biology branch in memory alive
biology branch entire hill in memory saliva
said to the fly
there probably is"
the spider to being alive
the purge desire to fatten its secret
indulge desire to memor erupt

in ast
ashing a for
a passion forest
a metal blur on sunblind sea shone clouded roar
nor even the need to attain
a mooth smapping of surf
lits into folds & cusplike rrific absor

{The Field & Garden of Circe, by Jed Rasula}

"...the conviction that an antibiosis is at hand in the human world. As an 'association between two or more organisms that is injurious to one of them," the humanization of the planet has instituted goverance as such---including any and all political regimes whether left or right---as injurious to the organisms of earth with which we're bound, no longer in symbiosis, but in antibiosis. These writings conscientiously handle a hyperbolic and presumptuous apparatus: the withered and stunted public language in our time. This cosmetic gadgetry---the artificial life-support system that constitutes common parlance today---sustains a smothering fiction of history as a developmental/evolutionary maturation of the species.

...the writerly surface is flushed with a rhetoric that makes the language bristle with all its accumulated alien parasites, its abrasions and contusions, as it is pressed into service for the prevailing emotional greed of the century's twilight. This kind of writing, in its own very different way, attempts a reclamation of our right to language, which I would affirm, in all my work, as the most inalienable of all rights...."

{Programming by DPC}

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