Sunday, December 20, 2009


the silence
of nature

the power within
the power


the path is whatever passes---no
end in itself.

the end is,

not saving.

the proof

the proof of the power within.

{Without, by Gary Synder}

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It is rare to hear the truth even in immense eons,

that is why adepts and virtuous ones of the past forgot their bodies,

or even lost their bodies, for the sake of truth.

There certainly is a meaning to this.

Ordinary human beings, animals, ants, mosquitoes,

outsiders with erroneous views, all have bodies and life,

but as long as they have not yet heard the truth

they cannot be honored or esteemed.

For innumerable lives, birth after birth,

how many times have they been embodied?

Yet theirs is not yet a good life.

If one gets to hear the truth,

that is a good life.

excerpt from Universal Book of Eternal Peace
translated by Thomas Cleary for Shambhala Publications, Inc.
ISBN 1-59030-220-6

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