Sunday, December 20, 2009


what is the nature of proof?

is proof real?

is reality real?

is there proof of reality in reality beyond our perceiving mind as a witness, or is proof merely a cognizant process of deductive reasoning based upon subjective geometry-like theorems of the meaning making mind?

does the self enclosed loop of consciousness within our organic/mortal vehicles of perception allow for us to experience proof of the 'objective real?''

if in our cycle of perception all is smeared by an ego-centric fixation with survival of the conditioned Self identity and its reactions to inner/outer environs, then it seems we are caught in a self-fulfilling subjective prophecy whether we surrender or struggle with evidence of proof of objective truth in reality...since on all sides we are affected by the mysterious conditions of myriad stimuli through the subjective lenses of a conditioned mind.

as in: because we can easily understand there is not only a filtration system one can only define as subjective in nature within historically evidenced behavioral patterns, but that there is also the overwhelming legacy of scientific data concerning the mechanics of the mind and our complexity of conscious and unconscious facets (a side we feel we are in control of and a side we do not feel in control of)... because of these illusive discernment systems we perceive through, the struggle to 'know' may always become a battle between the aspects of self we want to identify with, and the parts we are in denial of or do not want to identify ourselves or reality as, as well as the parts we simply Are and reality simply Is.... this inner battle between self perceived (subjective) conscious and unconscious facets, and (objective) essence, is a phenomena most ancient systems of philosophical/theosophical reasoning thus delve deeply into for its practical relevance in proving what is real in the self and its surrounding reality....

at a basic level of human understanding, what is real and what is the self are important questions because the journey of exploring such profundity illuminates the very nature of what matters and what does not, giving us clues to understanding: what power we do possess, and what power are we possessed by; what can we change and heal, and what can we not; why are we here, and how do we achieve our highest potential while embodied on Earth, as opposed to succumbing to the pain and suffering of historical patterns of sociological ignorance within and without us?

it follows that what is the 'self' and what is real in our surrounding 'environmental cues' is open to eternal questioning, as any open system is also infinitely mysterious and never-ending. yet, since all we think we know has been ingested during this 'lifetime' by what we perceive as a self via other similarly conditioned selves who ingested copious amounts of tainted data in much the same the consequent curse and blessing of familial/cultural/systematic education is self evident to she/he/it that removes ego-centric fixations from dominating the reality of self perception with what we Want to be real as opposed to what Is real.

in this post-Secret/post-Innumerous Holybooks/post-Scientific Theories/post-War/post-Rape and Molestation/post-Destruction of the Earth and its many Species Era of egocentric assertions by politicians/scientists/scholars/holymen-women/meta-physicians/parents/warriors/shamans/etc. --- is hence somewhat limited in its maturity, for such assumes that what we want to be real (subjective reality), is somehow more powerful than what is real (objective reality). unfortunately, this sort of irrational thinking appeals to those of us whom have been wounded by the meaninglessness of historical patterns of dominating governments/religions/schools/militarys and innumerous other unhealthy relationships in general, but does little to illuminate truth in the long run of third dimensional tensions and our consequential struggles as mortal beings intending and attempting to understand and harness self-empowerment while incarnated and conscious of Being in Creation.

because we are involved in a collective co-creation, certain subjective takes on reality are a set up for disappointment and continuing patterns of psychological depression, because they do not create unity but instead lead to further fragmentation of already disempowered and diseased psyches prevalent worldwide. inspiration in this sense can be a destructive tool, even though our imagination was intended to create beauty and love, truth and healing, forgiveness and unlimited potential.

destructive patterns by sentient beings are a clear sign of closed systems of belief/thought/emotion/action... a closed system will always result in tension as there are predefined boundaries to thoughts and actions because the controllers of closed systems seek to define and manipulate what is real and what is not, going so far as to kill and torture others for not believing in what they believe in. surely poverty and illness caused by technological toxicity induced by the ruling classes and corporations is a form of malignant torture of humans by humans for humans! one must see past the facades of history to perceive clearly of Now simply because what we know as real has been postulated by the ruling classes who are actively disempowering us and allowing us to sacrifice our existence for the energy such self denial at another's whim creates in the greater sense of 'Dark Magic' systems currently enforced as collective mesmerism in this global shadowplay.

{"shadowplay" by Brennpunkt/Programming by DPC}

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