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Entering the Portal of Inter-Dimensional Travel

DL Zeta

It is possible from the place where you are presently focused in consciousness to travel into other dimensions. For our discussion, we will define a dimension as an energetic coordinate determining a position in time and space. A dimension is one aspect of a larger entity. Expanding your focus to include other dimensional realities helps you free yourself from over-involvement in physical reality, and brings you into deeper communion with aspects of your self that exist in other timeframe dimensions. These explorations into non-local reality help deepen your experience of the present moment rather than detract from it.

Inter-dimensional travel is possible when you harmonize with other aspects of your being. These other aspects of yourself, almost without exception, reside in other timeframe dimensions. All the timeframes that have ever existed continue to exist concurrent to the present moment. They simply exist side by side with the present moment but in a different dimension. Within these other dimensions reside many of your other incarnations. These incarnations represent beings with which you are intricately linked. Your higher self, which oversees and orchestrates this symphony of selves, also exists within another vibrational dimension. Synchronizing with your other selves and with your higher self can help you begin to perceive and experience other dimensions. As you practice perceiving these other realities, you grow in your ability to travel inter-dimensionally. In the future of your world, this will become a commonplace practice.

We will first discuss how your other incarnational "selves" can help you with inter-dimensional travel. Understand, these other selves carry a spiritual signature similar to your own. You are able to recognize this signal on a subconscious level. One way to do this is to enter a meditative state and allow your mind to become very still. In this place of alert listening, you can begin to perceive and access your other selves by honing in on their energetic broadcast. Your other selves are always sending transmission "waves" through time. Unless you are in a state of resonance and receptivity, you will not be able to tune into these transmissions. As you harmonize with this similar frequency, you can track it from your present moment into the past or future. This allows you to focus your consciousness into the dimensions where your other "selves" reside.

Another means of inter-dimensional travel is to harmonize with the highest vibrational level of your being that you are capable of accessing. As you merge with your higher self, you gain access to the organizing energy that oversees the incarnational aspects that exist throughout time/space dimensions. Your higher self as you think of it exists at different levels and includes the oversoul entity that coordinates all the lifetimes of your past, present and future. It is this aspect of your higher self that synthesizes the collective understandings of all lifetimes and makes this spiritual knowledge available to all the various selves simultaneously incarnated across time. It is to the extent that an incarnated being seeks this knowledge and assistance that it receives it. So, it is when you come into a place of "asking" for spiritual guidance, that the higher self downloads what is being sought. By synchronizing with your higher self, you are able to receive information about inter-dimensional travel and come into greater resonance with your other aspects throughout time.

One way to harmonize with your higher self is to enter into a meditative state. When you feel a high vibrational sensation of joy, you know you are coming into resonance. When you feel you have synchronized with your higher self, you can, through intention and desire, direct your consciousness into other dimensions. From this high vibrational perspective, your imagination will guide you into other points along the time/space continuum. Remember that whatever your imagination brings to you is a real aspect of your being. It is important that you build this belief into your intentional fields.

Barriers to Inter-Dimensional Travel

Your ability to perceive and experience realities that exist beyond the physical can be affected by energetic barriers at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels. A blockage in any one of these areas can prevent clear perception of alternate realities. Blockages are just energies that are seeking to be brought to awareness where they can be healed and released.

At the physical level, a poor diet combined with lack of exercise and proper hydration can create energetic blocks in the body. At the cellular level, poor physical habits lead to a lack of oxygenization, which blocks the life force flow. This, in time, leads to disease and physical death.

Blocks at the mental level represent thought forms and beliefs that limit the nature of existence. All existence is determined by beliefs, which can be changed through intention and awareness.

Emotional blocks reside in the energy field as "static." Unresolved emotional traumas serve as gatekeepers, barring access to the subconscious mind until these issues are brought into a place of understanding in terms of the reasons the "traumatic" situations were created. Once the reason is understood, the emotions assigned to the situation can be released.

Spiritual blocks can be created by early training in religious mandates that place limiting restrictions in the belief system. A resistance to the unknown and other fear-based mechanisms can also block your ability to access the wisdom of your higher self. In many cases, gaining awareness of fear and early programming can help release spiritual barriers.

Navigating Dimensions through the Chakras

As you become more fluid in inter-dimensional travel, you will find there are places where your attention is naturally drawn. In the beginning, it is helpful to have a framework of reference with which to launch your explorations. You may choose a more simple framework that involves the energy centers of the body, known as the chakras. For example, the lower chakra is the root chakra. On earth, this center contributes to the part of the energetic field that concerns physical survival, creativity and basic identity. A choice to "travel" using these frequencies is to allow the mind to flow into and visit dimensions where consciousness is attempting to recognize and define itself. You can seek to travel into realities where the experiences of your various selves resonate with various chakra energies. As you study and learn about the different chakra energies, you can begin using them as compass points for inter-dimensional travel.

By entering the Portal of Inter-Dimensional Travel, you can synchronize with aspects of yourself that exist throughout time, and with your higher self. As you become fluid in inter-dimensional travel, you can experiment with different points of reference, such as chakras, for the framework of your travels. These inter-dimensional travels help you expand your consciousness into new areas and deepen your experience of the present moment.

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