Saturday, December 19, 2009


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from Kālacakra

Know this Atman, unborn, undying.
Never ceasing, never beginning.
Deathless, birthless, unchanging forever.
How can it die the death of the body?

Worn out garments are shed by the body.
Worn out bodies are shed by the Atman.
New bodies are donned like garments.

Not wounded by weapons nor burned by fire.
Not dried by the wind not wetted by water.
Such is the Atman.

He who dwells within all living bodies
remains forever indestructible.
Therefore never mourn for anyone.

You must be free from the pairs of opposites.
Poise your mind in tranquility.
Be established in the consciousness of the Atman always.

You must not desire for the fruits of your work.
Perform every action with your heart fixed on the Supreme Lord.
Be even tempered in success and failure.
Unite the heart with Brahman, and then act.
That is the secret of non attachment.

{Krishna ~ Bhagavad Gita}

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