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Epicenters of feeling meaning

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Since there is no such thing as a failure, and all of life is an experiment of evolving combinations of self-application. Then if one is disappointed with ones past or present performance, it is forever available/possible to upgrade to deeper and more resolute forms of faith in one’s ability to overcome any and all obstacles, especially any present obstacles of believing you have failed yourself or anyone and anything in your present summation of life experiences.

Self love is not about judging and shaming oneself for a lack of performance or perfection of self application, as if disciplining oneself through the punishment of shameful blame games will change anything or make anything better. Self love is having the courage to compassionately admit to ourselves and others when we have acted and believed in ways and things which do not serve to empower and increase the health, happiness, and peace within the cultural epicenter of our space and time of Self. To accept this, and intend through inquiry, understanding and graceful implementation, to positively change that which we have identified as the source of our misunderstandings.

Ultimately the matrix of creation has infinite time and space for you to learn within, just make sure and learn the lessons offered and not wander amongst the co-dependent desolation of the kingdom of Babylon, for now is precious, you are infinitely precious right now just as you are....

Throughout human history, spanning the entire globe, the very nature of relationship has set in motion an evolving reality of multi-dimensional bindings wrought in dark magic of deluded minds. Both supposed good and evil, even neutral forces seemingly need and thus require others to promote their stance of perceptual relativity to justify their existence, and are thus bound in the unconscious need to recognize and be recognized through the contrast and dual nature of relationship.

We are then literally reared, formed, and made through this quality of reflection, just as we may be undone, deformed, and deconstructed by the loss of our essence while cast adrift in a sea of smokey mirrors and biological levers. And so, whether we mean to or not, this behavior pattern continues to empower as well as victimize our brains-bodies-and souls, supporting and uplifting us as well as dominating and destroying us. Entire realities of infinite potential are born and killed within the boundless and self-limitative boundaries of belief. Any disenchantment of perceptions shared with us that we may share with others is just as abusive as if we had slapped, murdered, or blown up entire galaxies... we are that powerful, yet for the most part humans are indoctrinated into disbelief in themselves, so that by now in the modern era the general masses experience metaphysical atrophy as a commonplace phenomena. To realize that our focus and attentions, our intentions and perceptions, beliefs and reactions, all that which we are actually ripples out into the co-creative universe, sharing our love or fear, openness or closed-ness, expansion or contraction... requires refinements born of love.

However momentarily fleeting or consistently re-patterned feelings of hopelessness may be in our inner life, these socially shunned aspects of our sentient vulnerability and denied power are never a reason to shame oneself or others through judgements or dismissals, belittling or discounting the worth of being human, of being essentially ’You.’ Quite the contrary, the darkness and sadness of being human are facets of existing within a mental-emotional reality a sentient entity is wise to always be prepared to relate to... Unfortunately, the dream of, or intention to, either avoid or hope to experience otherwise (as in: to only experience and feel - joy/gratitude/happiness) is an unhealthy illusion, wherein projections of hope in this sense ultimately lead to disempowerment, misunderstanding, and psychological fragmentation because of the delusional expectations involved... Rather, to embrace whatever one is: thinking/feeling/experiencing - is the primal basis for mindfulness and wholeness of Being, and to go fully into such is to come closer to understanding the essence of cause and effect which is the dualistic foundation of conditional Self and Reality while embodied as a human being.

Certainly conditions, whether one enjoys the existence of such or not, are important factors in relating to any paradigm of existence whether the relational approach is mental/emotional/physical/psychic/or spiritual, because understanding the conditions therein is the path by which a seeker is delivered unto Truth. And where we find ourselves as disempowered slumbering dragons, the masses of us too immature or too jaded to properly channel our powers, unconsciously entangling ourselves and others in our webs of often violent causes and effects, lies of love, illusions of progress, and campaigns wrought in deadly pride, we may cause suffering whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not. Just as well, where we find ourselves unconsciously entangling ourselves and others in webs of often gushing hope and loving causes and effects, truths of caring joyfullness, sharing realities of inner ascension, and campaigns wrought in healing humility and balance, we then cause universal healing whether we know it or not, whether we want to or not. In this way we can imagine there is a balance on a much larger scale, yet in such a paradigm of balance, there is then forever someone seemingly winning and someone seemingly losing, one enjoying life and one suffering through it. DPC shall continue to probe this injustice, this imbalance of idealized balance, for till there is a wholeness more akin to ’all in one, one in all,’ surely the separation shall continue to hurt Empaths, as my sensors find no peace in beholding such a travesty of lost meaning and negative transference.

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" a world imprisoned
we can breathe freely,
me and you
and truth shows itself naked to us.."

{Lucio Battisti - Il Mio Canto Libero}

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