Saturday, December 19, 2009

Harvest Dub

There is nothing patriotic about supporting a lie, as a true Patriot must be a champion of the Truth before nationalistic or capitalistic concerns. If truth is not our intention and purpose for existing, creating, and governing, then we risk playing out immoral-subhuman standards of behavior which stray far and wide from the mighty Declaration of Independence, and the grandeur of the Constitution for which we stand, thereby denying the prestige of our higher intelligence applied... Just as True Faith and Love for a Creator and Creation, no matter what religion/spirituality/philosophy one follows, must create champions of the Earth and the living, both idealistically and in daily actions, or exist misrepresenting our holiness and destroying these soulfully-imbued biological lives which we propose to understand and believe in so vehemently!

While there are other humans starving, women/men/and children violently raped and molested, genocides enacted and bodies hacked to bits with machetes/bullets/landmines/and cluster bombs, ancient forests chopped down without rational concern for their biological purpose, and animals tortured and murdered with little or no regard for their lives simply because they cannot speak our human languages and prove to us they have feelings and thoughts like us… there is nothing which may move me from confronting humanity with our sentient darkness and psychological denial.

Perhaps, "Keepin it real" does not suffice when human brothers and sisters are dying in wars upon battlefields and within modern metropolis ghettos, having never experienced the inner light of higher consciousness, set against eachother as enraged beasts trained to blindly hate and fear what is not understood or accepted of one an Other's differences! Born into poverty and unloving educational systems promoting disharmony through the same old distorted suits of perceptual hand me downs, the cyclical retributive causes of human arrogance, blame, and revenge, seem ever busy creating a relentless pace of psychological and behavioral transference of malignant ignorance through the mental matrix of beholder and beholden!

{Excerpt from "A Winter's Harvest", by Shen Orion}

{Art by Shen Orion/Programming by DPC}

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