Wednesday, December 16, 2009

impermanence, growth, and change

Are you looking for a steady,
predictable life?
Is this what you want?
If so, you must realize
the world cannot offer you this.
Nothing is steady.
Nothing is predictable.
Nothing will give you anything
other than temporary security.
Thoughts come and go.
Relationships begin and end.
Bodies are born and pass away.
This is all the world can offer you:
impermanence, growth, change.

All form is in essence a distortion of
the original formlessness of the universe.
What is all inclusive, all accepting,
all loving cannot be limited to form.
Love does not choose its beloved
or the moment of its expression.
Love extends to all at all times.
Love is without conditions;
that it to say it is "without form".

However, your experience of love
will be diminished in direct proportion
to your need to interpret or control it.
Interpretation places conditions upon that
which must be without conditions.
When you establish conditions on love,
you experience the condtions, not the love.
You encounter the form, not the content.

Love expresses only through an open heart.
Open heartedness is not a technique,
but an emotional willingness
that moves beyond the limits
of conceptual definition.

To understand anything in the world,
you must learn to look beyond the form
to the creative intention.
Tune into the intention
behind someone's expression
and you will see more clearly
what that expression means for them.
But looking at the naked form alone,
you will see only what it means to you.

"Love Without Conditions," by Paul Ferrini

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