Saturday, December 19, 2009

Intermission Zwei

the body is a great bell
that sits like a hull
over a voice
summoning sound

There are two integral relations with writing: as practice, and as production, or materialization. The practice returns the act of writing to its inner modality, aligning it with the postural sum of body-image, proprioceptive faculty, pneuma or breath, the axiomatic uprightness of the spinal column. Such practice is the ecological interface between the imaginal body and the material residuum of the encompassing field. It is primarily practice, and only incidentally writing. (It is often, for me, as readily as drawing or painting, gardening or walking.) It's a pure gift, then, when a discernably shareable text comes into existence as a result of this practice.

The appropriate word for these texts is blessings.

{Jed Rasula}

{Art by Shen Orion}

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