Thursday, December 17, 2009


"What is the thing that is hurt?
The image that each one has built about himself,
that is what is hurt.

What they did to him,
what they said to him never seemed to wound him,
nor flattery to touch him. It is not that he was insensitive,
unaware: he has no image of himself, no conclusion, no ideology.
Image is resistance.
Seeing the Truth of it is the ending of the image builder.
When you discover for yourself the beauty of never being hurt,
then only do all the past hurts disappear.
In the full Present the past has lost its burden".

"Unless he leaves all the things he accumulated in the river and swims ashore,
death will always be at his door.
For the river is the movement of time and thought is of it.
When the observer leaves everything which he is,
then the observer is not. It is the timeless.
You cannot know it, for what is known is of time;
you cannot experience it;
recognition is made up of time.
Freedom from the known is freedom from time.
When time is not then death is not.
Love is".

"Knowledge is time, and freedom from the known is the flowering of meditation".

"Freedom from the known is the essence of intelligence".


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