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The Life Blood of Humanity

From the Indigenous Environmental Network

Water is Life

Indigenous traditional teachings recognize and respect water as a sacred and power gift from the Creator. Water, the first living spirit on this earth, gives life to all creation. Our knowledge, laws and ways of life teach us to be responsible at all times in caring for this sacred gift that connects all life!

The United States along with other industrialized countries and corporations, do not want a "rights-based approach" to be applied to water - either locally, nationally or internationally. The trend for the next century is towards the privatization of water. The privatization of water services and management as well as the ownership of water sources whether they are surface or groundwater. World trade agreements, industries and corporations want to view water was a commodity, an item that can be sold and traded to the highest bidder!

Water is a common and basic need for ALL life. Strategically and collectively we must all stand together to voice our concerns for the sacredness of WATER. All people deserve the right to a clean and accessible water source.

Commodifying the Sacred

Water is sacred, yet in these modern times water has become a commodity; a property interest to be bought, sold and traded in the European-American economic, legal and colonial system. There exists now a manipulation of water rights for economic and political advantage - mostly by governmental bodies. Water is being depleted or converted into destructive uses. Through large dams, trans-boundary diversion projects, mineral extraction, energy production, recreational & agricultural industries, urban sprawl, climate change/global warming and even bottled water, this sacred element is being exploited.

Throughout Indigenous territories locally and worldwide, we are witnessing the increasing scarcity of fresh waters and the lack of access that we and other life forms have to water. In these times of scarcity, governments and corporations are creating commercial interests in water that lead to inequities in distribution and obstruct our access to the life giving nature of water.

The demand for water will only increase within the next 10 years, pitting local municipalities, cities, counties, Indigenous tribal governments and tribal local authorities, and state governments against each other, in long drawn out water litigations.

Many tribal traditional and spiritual leaders have warned about these things. Some have foreseen that someday our people and all humans will be buying water. The battle to protect Water from a market-based system is urgent!

IEN's Water Campaign

Water IS a human rights and Indigenous rights issue! We raise our voices in solidarity to speak for the protection of Water. The Water Campaign strives to network & support grassroots Indigenous peoples & tribal governments, as well as, non-Indigenous water activists & non-governmental organizations to protect the sacredness of water. For more information contact our office.

Source: Water Is Life - Indigenous Environmental Water Campaign/There is a link list at bottom of their page.

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