Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lo-Fi PsychoSomatic Divination

In India where the body spirit is represented by the Atman or purusha, we find the idea that the Self reincarnates in order to overcome the karma of previous lives. Thus our total real personalities, our dreambodies, apparently consciously decide to enter life and choose great difficulties which bottle them up. We decide to string ourselves up on the tree of life and to cling to a real body in order to rejuvenate ourselves. But forgetting why it chose to be reborn, the Self tries to leave its bottle by simply breaking free of worldly commitments, searching for miraculous relaxants, or even suicide.

Dear purusha, diamond body, Mercury, atman, Self---realize that you yourself are responsible for this voluntary torture called life. Accept the illnesses that you yourself are responsible for and realize that the meaning of your civilizing bottle is that only it can awaken you to your own real nature. You chose this constriction called culture in order to rejuvenate and to realize yourself. Live through your compulsions and suffer your constricting fate. See life as a disease you have chosen and then you will remember who you are.

According to legend, Woton created his own knots and then loosened them. At one time or another, every individual has experienced knotting---or its physiological equivalent, cramping. Knotting and cramping are central body problems created, according to legend, by the rejuvenating tendency of the Self. The human being unconsciously creates her own time pressures and cramps in order to awaken herself to her Self. This may be why we simultaneously complain about social pressures and yet continue to increase them without limit. We are sleeping biological beings who must pressure and irritate ourselves in order to awaken. Breaking out of the bottles we create for ourselves is apparently part of our physiological myth as human beings.

[Dreambody, by Armold Mindell]

{Images linked/Programming by DPC}

It is interesting to note that even Arnold Mindell in the radio interview
of the second track on the myflashfetish player, seemingly discounts
and limits the origins of dreams, thus limiting the origins of the dreamers reality,
thus limiting the reality of self in this dream and all the others...
Surely dreams are often as he describes, the phenomena of subtle
unprocessed issues in the body-mind, but dreams may also represent
remembrance of past lives, or even visions and realtime events of co-existing
selves in other space-time continuums, planets, and species.
In a multi-dimensional paradigm of self and reality, the depths of self
within the art of dreaming cannot be simply defined as subtle phenomena
of the waking life, for even the waking life is much more co-creative
and illusive in its anthropomorphic origins than such takes on dreaming allow for...

Why are so many ready to think they understand the mysterious nature of being,
as to postulate versions of 'knowing' that limit being,
and define disenchanted psychoanalytic paradigms of reality
and self as possessing some ultimate sense of 'truth'?

~Brennpunkt of the DPC

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