Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meditation: Assessing Threats

Avoid entangled thoughts,
that you may see the explanation
in Paradise.

~Divini Shâmsi Tabriza

Consider a situation that is bringing pain---physical, emotional, spiritual---into your life. Identify the times and places where it occurs. Close your eyes and visualize the character(s) and events, from your own point of view, or objectively, looking from the outside in (in this case, you become one of the characters, and you can watch yourself from a variety of vantage points: from behind, above, below, in front, and so on). You can also observe action from anybody or anything else in the picture's perspective. I encourage exploring multiple points of view.

Consider all the details within the picture and differentiate between real threats and nonthreats. Dismiss the nonthreats. Make a statement to yourself telling yourself that they have no power over you.

Shift your attention to something in your environment that you perceive as nonthreatening, if you must, to help you refocus. Use it to help calm and center you. Summon your chi (energy/qi/ki) to give you strength and protect you. Revitalize yourself. Let a feeling of love and power flow within you.

Ask your inner self what special tools you need to deal with whatever threats have manifested themselves. Do you require softness, gentility, wisdom, thankfulness, compassion, joy, empathy, goodwill, humor, strength? Imagine someone you know who has the qualities needed to dissolve these threats admirably. Place that person in your situation. When we open ourselves to others and their gifts, we create the possibility of receiving those gifts. How would the person you have selected respond? What special tools does he or she have that would make a response successful? Add those tools to the ones you have already identified would be needed and simply summon them all. Feel them coming to you. Make yourself attentive, and wait until the exact moment to use them opens itself to you.

Resolutions: Assessing Threats

*Today, I will actively and attentively remember
that I am free to choose my reactions to challenges.

*Today, I will try to remain calm and flexible in my attempts
to differentiate threat from nonthreat.

*Today, I will look for opportunities to identify
and dismiss nonthreatening situations.

*Today, I will approach the day's events without fear.

*Today, I will invoke the powers of the Infinite into my mind, body, and spirit,
and I will surrender myself to its abundance.

*Today, I will surrender myself to the love and power that I am.
And for this I will be grateful.

{Be Like Water, by Joseph Cardillo}

{Art by Graeme Balchin/Programming by DPC}

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