Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meditation On Universal Goodwill

May all beings be serene and happy!
May they live in safety and be joyous!
All beings, without exception,
whether weak or strong, small or great,
in high, middle, or low realms of existence,
visible or invisible, near or far,
born or yet to be born:
May all be happy and at peace!

Let us cultivate boundless goodwill.
Let none deceive another,
or despise any being in any state.
Let none in anger or ill-will wish another harm.
Even as a mother watches over her child,
so with boundless mind should one cherish
all living beings,
radiating friendliness over the whole world,
above, below, and all around, without limit.

{Metta Sutta}

{Image linked/Programming by DPC}

Environmental/Animal Rights/Veganism/Conservation/Humanitarian/Activism/Etc.
~In no particular order~

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