Saturday, December 19, 2009

Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man

"We sell ourselves to be able to buy that which doesn't serve us,
and when what we really need comes before us
we no longer have the means left to acquire it"

Absalon Uyawayaska
Wise Man from the Amazon

Today, I have been contemplating life and the good fortune of being which we have been gifted.
Why is it we exist?
It is because existing has given us the awareness of our being
and the ability to say we are alive and cognizant.
Our consciousness is the alignment and harmonization of our physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual being along with the confounded presence of reason,
trying to fulfill all the empty spaces of life. All this while accepting the integrity
within our soul and joining through the force of the real essence,
which has been designated "spirit". You simply have to feel it as a light,
with the magical essence representing that which joins us to everything,
to the original vibration, where the creation that leads to reality emerges.

Carlos Barrios

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“Wisdom is the greatest cleanser”

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