Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nuclear Power?

For the last 2 decades after the 3 Mile Island accident, the United States has not constructed any New Nuclear Power Facilities.

Now the Nuclear power consortium NuStart Energy, is proposing to build a new plant at one of these locations...

* Scottsboro, Ala. The Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, an unfinished site owned by the U.S. government's Tennessee Valley Authority.
* Port Gibson, Miss. The Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, owned by Entergy.
* St. Francisville, La. The River Bend Station, owned by Entergy.
* Aiken, S.C. The Savannah River Site, a U.S. Department of Energy nuclear weapons lab.
* Lusby, Md. The Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant, owned by Constellation Energy.
* Oswego, N.Y. The Nine Mile Point plant, owned by Constellation Energy.

Check here to see the number of reactors already in the United States.

This new nuclear consortium posits that to deal with humanities growing electrical needs without contributing to global warming necessitates the development of more nuclear plants. There is nothing cleaner about Nuclear energy production. Power plant waste consists of rods containing Uranium 235 which has a half life of 713 million years!!!.

Where do those spent nuclear fuel rods go? How much and what kind of waste is created with each nuclear facility? Fissionable weapons grade plutonium is a byproduct of Nuclear power production, and is the reason these plants existed in the first place.

Click here to learn more about nuclear waste.

The Institute For Energy and Environmental Research has produced a new book entitled, "Insurmountable Risks"

The solution to Global Warming is not in building more nuclear power plants. The solution to Global Warming is in investing our time, energy, and resources into clean renewable energy. From heat transducers in the asphalt, photovoltaics, wind generators, hydro-electric, bio-technologies, geo-magnetics, to bicycle generators in all of the gyms of the world. There are other ways to generate power. We should exhaust all other options first rather than continue to proliferate the phenomenon that is the nuclear reality.

The radiation born from this industry is damaging to all biological life systems, not just the human one...

~image linked~

Young innocent children at a Ukraine orphanage are among the Chernobyl radiation victims from the 1986 nuclear disaster.
Still today, people are dying from the radiation caused by the Chernobyl accident. The estimated total number of deaths will be 16,000, yet
the Washington Post reports that Chernobyl has recovered

Perhaps the media is pandering to nuclear interests to allow for acceptance?


visit and sign the petition to submit to the 110th US Congress

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