Saturday, December 19, 2009

...path to inner Being...

"The word Manus (man) itself gives the clue to what man should really be; a being who is self-aware. Even if he has slipped and fallen, is it not his bounden duty to use as a lever the very earth to which he has tumbled and raise himself up again? As a man, constant effort is his duty. If he does not awaken to the consciousness of his own Self, what has he achieved? He has but wasted his life. How many lives are frittered away, age after age in endless coming and going. Find out who you are! Discover the significance of the round of births and deaths, its cause and where it leads! When man becomes a traveller on the path to his inner Being the distance that separates him from his Goal gradually vanishes. You will most certainly have to undertake this pilgrimage to Immortality, trampling under foot hundreds and hundreds of obstacles and impediments. This is the kind of manliness that has to be awakened."

{Anandamayi Ma}

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