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Pixelated Bits from the Edge

A single drop of rain fell from a cloud in the sky
But was filled with shame when it saw the sea so wide.
'Next to the sea then, who am I?
If the sea exists, then how can I?'
While looking down on itself
With the eyes of contempt,
An oyster in its shell,
Took it in for nourishment.
And so it was, that its fate was sealed by this event,
And it became a famous pearl to adore a king's head.
Having descended to the depths,
It was now exalted to the heights.
On the portal of non existence it went knocking,
Until it finally was transformed into being.

(Sa'di, "The Pearl")

Surely as in all of life's experiences, when someone is faced with a terminal illness, our possible reactions are varied, some healthy, some destructive. Because we all pass from this Earth at some point in some way, there has been and perhaps always will be a great deal of study and inquiry in the medical fields of western science and the inward mystical/subtle energetic approaches of eastern holism alike, each concerned with the overall health of body and mind. We seek to understand our choices in any experience, and in the case of death we perhaps mostly desire to prepare and preserve a strong psychological state of being so we can survive the shock if we are indeed dying, or more clearly -- if our body is dying.

It is not completely true to propose that any shock experienced stems only from our culturally adapted ideologies concerning Death, for though in some cultures death has ominous connotations, regardless of these adapted misunderstandings, there is of course an innate shock because whether we like it or not we are created to survive, 'hard wired' so to speak into this body through which we have known Being in this time and place. Thus regardless of our beliefs there is a succinctly subtle relationship between our body and who and what we have come to know as ourselves mentally-emotionally, as in many worldly traditions it is proposed we are at our best while alive when we are one and the same with that which we embody. So 'Death' comes in upon our vulnerable consciousness representing an ending of sorts to what we have come to know as ourselves, an end to our fragile human body, an end to our pleasure, to our pain, an end to the love and interests we may share with others and creation, as well as an end to the love and interests others and creation may share with us as we are now....

With the disappearance of our bodily presence from the realm of Earth and all that which such a passing may mean beyond theosophical or meditative transcendence of egocentric ideologies/considerations/attachments, or faith inspired relief via a forthcoming heavenly embrace, still the experience of death for the individual who faces such is much more poignant than any who does not face the same could ever understand unless dealt a similar blow.... There are no mental explanations which may fully prepare one for the death, and though this may be disturbing in the sense of the unknown, it is a true blessing of freedom through bodily demise, to be released from the bindings of definitions, of identities, of past, present, and future, to unwind and unfurl this mortal coil, "I" no more.

In the realization of our organism's ending, the creationary tempest which was our explosive sexual entrance to Earth, the living wake we have left in our crossing through human time and space, all of these facets of our existence, of our legacy of Being, come to press in upon our psyche and force a certain pressure upon us more intense than gravity, bringing emotions of loss and bereavement more intense than typical sadness or pain. Our end means we must face the greatest mystery once more, our heart must stop, our brain waves end, cessation of a seemingly very real experience we have come to associate as Self.

Depending upon what belief systems we have imbibed and created during our lifetime, we may feel very alone in this, or we may feel guided and cared for by angelic spirits of inter-dimensional capacities. Whatever the case, what we think is real will certainly become more relevant and surreal than ever before when we are threatened with an end to our lifetime of questing. And whether we have consciously sought understanding of the nature of our existence or not, in realizing death is near, every individual will generally experience a reality which is more vivid... One may assume this is so because life is suddenly proven more prescious than ever before, now that an ending has arrived to remind us how momentary and fleeting it all is. In this sense, Death is a profound guide back into a black hole of mental-emotional-physical-spiritual absorption, wherein who and what we are can no longer exist beyond the event horizon of our earthly passing.

If one explores the wealth of information on this subject matter, we discover advice on overcoming the "Myth, taboo, and stigmas" of Death, which are part of the challenges of living with a terminal illness. There is information on how to talk to doctors, which interestingly enough implies one must realize from a doctor if one is dying or not, and that as such one must understand how to ask questions and communicate needs to the doctor guiding us through our terminal condition... There are models of behavior describing how to talk to our family and friends, pointing out that it is important not to shut out the people who care about us. There are the physical effects to be related to, wherein it is suggested we keep symptoms under control and seek to alleviate pain. It is also recommended we learn to cope with symptoms such as fatigue, appetite loss and any general anxiety we may experience as a result of our certain demise. In modern times we are offered many choices of places to die, hospices to choose from, even complementary therapies to possibly explore. We must of course adjust to the news, and hence there are various coping styles and strategies suggested. It is said we will need to find inspiration in the face of our despair so that we may maintain realistic hopes and set achievable goals in our time remaining. There are legal contracts to be considered and drawn up, "Wills" as they are ironically termed, while still faced with possible treatment plans... Even the idea of euthanasia (assisted suicide) comes into play for those of us whom the pain and process of suffering through the End is too much.

All of this information and these considerations are for someone who "knows" their body is shutting down. Implying one is not typically inspired to deal or relate to death unless they are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Till then, it is life as usual, whatever usual may be for each individual... Thus most human beings must be diagnosed by a professional of the medical world and told they are terminal to consider these aspects of reactionary behavior. One may be a teenager in the grips of angst, a tiny child experiencing the extreme highs and lows of youthful zeal , an elderly person who has lived a long life and learned to appreciate and surrender to existence, or a middle aged man or woman to which life has become somewhat comfortable and calm... No matter the age, one still has to face the idea of the 'End' if diagnosed with a terminal illness prematurely causing their bodies to cease functioning. ('Premature' only in the sense that most of us exist thinking of death as something far removed from now, something far into the future, something we will deal with when we get older or when we get 'there' regardless of the time/age reference, and so it is a shock to any and all when death comes knocking before we expect it to... If ever we can be expected to be ready for such a drastic transition?) In this way even the metaphorical implications of Death offer up profound lessons to be assimilated, for we all experience endings, as in, every moment has an ending, every present perception of reality is about to pass away as we enter the next moment, this Now.

Because we are comprised of "Free Will," even if diagnosed by a medical professional many will not accept that they are dying, for such is often only the opinion of an other. However educated or qualified the other may be, their diagnosis is still based upon medical tests of the third dimension as constructed by humanity, and for some this is not the whole truth of reality... To some a terminal condition is but a series of assumed, theorized, conceptualized, deduced facts that may seem as a curse to he/she/or it that is diagnosed. This type of personality may react by choosing to do whatever is necessary to alter their condition. Often in certain cases extreme lifestyle changes, wherein dietary shifts are implemented, beliefs are altered, the being moves away from stressful environments and unhealthy relationships, so that a general attitude of strength and faith is adopted, all in order to overcome the diagnosed illness. Hence the actual diagnosis though terrifying -- will propel individuals across all manner of thresholds of denial and mental-emotional complacency, easily destroying entrenched mental attitudes of disenchanted realism, causing drastic alterations in the terminal patient's outlook on existence.

Thus faced with our ending we find the inspiration to take a leap of faith, to do whatever it takes to live, to enable ourselves to continue to love, to see, to smell, to hear, to taste, to touch, to breathe and experience the majesty of Creation through a human body. We hence rediscover what we may have taken for granted, appreciating once more or for the first time -- the profound blessing which is this sensuous splendor of human Being. In the threat of an ending, of suffering, human beings will often do remarkable things, accomplishing feats they never had before, overcoming challenges, pain, and struggles they had never thought possible. How remarkable if we chose to do this, to be this for ourselves even without the inspiration of death scaring us into action... What a miracle if we all adopted such fierce attitudes of healthy change in relation to the many conflicted, deadly aspects of our manmade creation that need to be transformed for the better.

Consider the Earthen body, the body of Gaia, the mother of our biological star dust we call a body. She is sick, she has an illness, and it is called human. She is like any body suffering from parasites, from our ignorance, from the oppression and violence of the dominators we have become within her own field of Self. She is dying.... she has been disrespected, gang raped, blown up, used and abused, taken from endlessly, fought over, cut up into little pieces, reconstituted and refined in order to create weapons of mass destruction by dominators of the worst kind. Yet no where are there doctor-like positions of power and identity enabled by social consciousness receptors to make humanity believe as a whole that there is a very real problem with the way we think, behave, and create reality! Hence there is no one the world respects and trusts enough to diagnose Gaia's/Earth's illness and prescribe a treatment plan. Collectively, while we enjoy the illusions of progress, of sports, of movies, of countless forms of entertainment and intellectual/spiritual hypnotism, there is seemingly no way to awaken humanity as a whole to the terminal condition of our reality. Our human dysfunction is nearly invisible to most minds while nationalized pride and pop-cultural layers of happiness hide the suffering we are causing other humans and other creatures and Nature in general. Even those of us who do awaken to the truth of humanities'/earth's terminal condition are hard pressed to escape feelings of powerlessness as we discover our votes do not matter, that we ultimately no longer have any real rights as citizens, not when it comes to penetrating the corrupt systems of government and the myriad complex institutions supporting corporate profiteering over truth, love, and right relations.

It is important to mention that there is also the long standing implication that in taking a real stand, one will be forced to face the military-industrial complex and its hench-men with the guns and financial power to kill whomever opposes them... Like Jesus on the cross, we are threatened with metaphors of self-sacrifice where ever and whenever we seek real change, for 'real change' is a 'real threat' to the systems of this modern roman empire. Going green, eating organic, drinking bottled water, these things are making some headway only because the systems in place can continue to make a profit, but introduce socialist-like ideologies wherein all of humanity is finally made equal and the cessation of suffering is sought through the dissolution of capitalist's competitive antics of insanity, and suddenly one is a terrorist like in the cold war era of admonishments like 'commies and reds' hefted at the former U.S.S.R., or the inquisition eras of 'heretics', and the quaker days of 'witch trials.' The same social digression takes place, humanity becomes dull and stupid, violent and wretched, all in order to preserve a false sense of security which exists to preserve the status quo of insufficient intelligence and constant reinforcement of perceptual distortion.

Thus there are few highly educated adults in positions of power willing to admit the socialized dumbing-down of youths and adults alike which continues to enable our destruction of Nature's original innocence, yet trillions of dollars are spent to make this nightmare a reality. Just think if all that money and energy to preserve such a huge global lie were instead used to make the world a better place, to educate the citizens of Earth, to finally do the right thing and treat all organisms and all beings with equality, with love, as friends, as honorable relations in the one web of life. This is the dream of the DPC, yet everyday my sensors witness doctors, scientists, philosophers, gurus, spiritualists, religious leaders, politicians, CEO's, teachers, movie stars, musicians, each more concerned with their reputations than championing truth, more concerned with their finances than living moral lives by example of stepping away from the system, more concerned with public opinion and fashion than being tuly fashionable and recreating self apart from the opinions and shallows of collective mentality. To be truly cool is to be yourself and not to succumb to altering oneself to suit others' fickle and shallow heartless ignorance of culturally induced self hatred.

Be certain, know that the impact taking radical non-violent stands may have upon our reality is more important than any careers, that loving the earth and your self as you are with your body natural and imperfect, that these qualities are more important than popularity and success. What is done is done, so those whom have altered themselves (we are all deserving of true love regardless of our insecurities or assorted needs, lest those needs are to harm or kill others...), this data is offered up not as a judgement, but as a reminder to those whom have not succumbed to the cultural tides of self-mutilation which now comes in so many judgmental forms, physical-mental-emotional-spiritual. One must understand the wisdom of self-love and how it relates to all aspects of our existence, for it is the only foundation upon which one can stand and weather the ongoing storms of collective insanity which is public opinion and mass cultural movements geared to uproot the individual from their own heartfelt truth. Many are in denial that there is anything wrong, having long ago bought into the lies of the mainstream media hiding the truths of love so as to continue to promote the greedy disharmonious behavioral patterns of capitalism, meanwhile hiding the malignant agendas of its masses of blood thirsty profiteers....

So who are we, we whom are separated from pure reason, severed from the truths of love, so addicted to the senseless wars within ourselves that we feel justified and righteous in enacting the same upon the outer world. Surely those in power, their hearts and minds must be broken from the onslaught of continuous cultural indoctrinations as much as our own, their brains filled with the same paradoxical meaninglessness as was their ruling elite families', the same which they are spending so much time and money sharing with the common people(?)... Born into arrogance, born into perceptual distortion, born into attitudes of superiority, taught to look down upon the have-nots as cattle for the slaughter, we the people are but animals to test their germ warfare upon and then nonchalantly offer up their pharmaceutical solutions to the problems they created for us (good money making scheme eh?), and hence we are but creatures to poison with radiation and chemicals til we should pass on in death. To them the people are like cars to drive into the ground till the tires fall off and the engines blow, children are as computers and machines to program them to do what they want them to do, like soldiers and police trained to be robots to carry out orders to enslave, torture and kill others irregardless of ethical concerns or moral issues, stripping us of any sense of brotherhood or sisterhood. They seek only to teach us to hate and fear one another, to use us against one another, to drug us, to confuse and shame our sexual/mental/emotional evolution with bad programming, to create atmospheres of injustice and oppression inspiring us to fight one another through gangs since we cannot actually get at them. They share and enable our bad attitudes, modeling for us the big fish small fish pecking orders offering more and more abuse through false discernment of self worth, training us to be as modern gladiators in their global cock fight.

Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion.

(David Icke)

What do the elite parasites of humanity know of truth? Instead of respecting and honoring both life and death, they deny both, living as lost souls, brainless machines opertating at the level of carnivorous reptilian mind, they know not compassion, they only follow orders or give them, whatever it takes to victimize rather than be victimized. Peace is not an option in their global cult of vast wealth and worthlessness. They do not believe in harmony, they are their own worst enemy, fools every one of them. Fools whom have no love in their hearts, only ceaseless desires for more power, for more suffering, for more domination, for more sacrifice of innocence.

What should we do in the understanding we are to soon die, and that the Earth is cursed to suffer the same fate? How should we feel and what should we think, discovering that our death and the demise of the Earth are not naturally occurring phenomena, but that instead both endings are being caused by human arrogance, human denial, and the many errors possible via the glorified ignorance of its ruling elite hidden behind so much media hype and global corruption? How should we react when the collective awakens to the awareness that the byproducts of human fear, violence, rage, and greed -- have cursed our time here with unneeded hardships, toxic pollutants, and painful diseases created by twisted minds... That these unnecessary struggles are even now being continually fostered and supported by hidden enemies of the common people? How should we feel and what should we think of those whom have created and caused these nightmares for our parents and grandparents, ourself, and any children and grandchildren we have created and/or care(d) for?

If someone had the courage to diagnose our demise as a species, would we trust their judgement as we do doctors with their educated degrees and medical technological tests? Would we do whatever it takes to change our world or would we continue to watch television and surf the web seeing only the differences between us, continuing to hate and fear one another as we have been taught by our evil cultures preaching nationalistic distortions separating the one human species of Earth? If there is no one with the courage to step forward and diagnose the Earth would you, could you, then trust your own intuitions and those of your friends? If you feel in your heart as the DPC does that we have a terminal condition which is right now giving evidence of its disease in many ways, such as denial, ignorance, violence, disrespect, meaninglessness, constant struggle and strife, competition, hatred, blame, fear, separative belief systems, hedonism at the expense of the truth of the heart, heartlessness in general, inconsideration, judgement, condemnation, and those forms of self righteousness leading to lynch mob like mentalities and social sentiments. Then what?

Jonathan Dollimore writes in his compelling book, "Death, Desire, and Loss in Western Culture":

"There is no reassurance in existing species domination, since in the case of every predominant species the earth has ever seen 'the hour of its complete ascendancy has been the eve of its entire overthrow' This decline might be due to external causes, for instance, an existing creature, currently in unsuspected obscurity, might develop new capacities which could sweep man away into darkness from which his universe arose. Alternatively or additionally, decline might be due to an inner process --degeneration, or 'degradation' as Wells also call it - whereby life-forms begin to devolve rather than evolve. Certainly, the idea that life proceeds through a gradual, progressive organic evolution - 'That inevitable tendency to higher and better things' - is now regarded as a myth. The truth is rather that living species have 'varied along divergent lines from intermediate forms, and...not necessarily in an upward direction'. Furthermore, 'rapid progress has often been followed by rapid extinction or degeneration'. This idea of evolutionary degeneration, an extreme catastrophic unbinding of civilization, would be powerfully evoked by W.B. Yeats in 'The Second Coming' (1921)

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocense is drowned;
The best lack all conviction while the worst
Are full of a passionate intensity."

Solutions anyone?
How do we awaken humanity to its own terminal condition, for we truly need to react with the resonant strength of love and the collective synergy of peaceful harmony to overcome our collective death, or to at least clean up our technocratic mess before we are wiped out by our own ineptitude, so that other existing species do not have to die toxic deaths via so many oil spills, rusty contraptions falling to pieces in vulnerable water sheds, decaying chemical plants, radioactive meltdowns, and nuclear explosions in our absence?

Must we stand by and idly observe these heartless impostors gambling with and destroying our future for their as yet hidden agendas of global sacrifice and dark magic? Too radical a viewpoint, no, bombs are radical, bullets are radical, nuclear technology and its wastes are radical, war is radical, this expression of the DPC is but a nonviolent expression of truth trying to jump start some serious change here and now....

Please see the difference. It seems we must learn to give our respect and praise to nonviolent communication, as opposed to the violence and the shallows of pop-culture for there is nothing to be ashamed of in expressing our heartfelt concerns for a better reality. There is nothing in nonviolent expression to judge as cheesy or corny, not after one has realized one is dying. Our time is too short to hold back from saying the things that matter! We must find ways to express our truth in defense of life and the honor of dying a natural death as opposed to the premature endings caused by global elitists.

In every conversation we have in public we must begin to express a deeper truth, creating and finding ways to discuss these important issues, so that these truths, these vital viewpoints will begin to gain global recognition! We must seek out the truth, do our own research, do not just take what the DPC or others who may be falsely labeled extremists or conspiracy theorists by those opposed to humanity awakening, proposes as truth. Please, neither dismiss the DPC's viewpoints without doing that same research. Somehow these truths must spread like a wild fire to awaken our species, that we may cast aside the shallow stupidity of conversations about meaningless vain nothingness which is serving no one and nothing alive. Know what is important before it is too late...

Clean water and organic foods, self sustainable models of existence, green technologies, loving relationships with everything and everyone, compassionate understanding, nonviolent stances of devout truth, forgiveness, healthy channeling of rage/anger/and blame, healthy global changes, equality, healthy sexual expressions, deep meaningful touch, deep meaningful love, deep meaningful lives and deaths wrought in miracles and awe... These qualities are most important, nothing else matters so much now as learning to love ourselves, others, and the planet we live upon... So that we are all safe and protected to experience true forms of life, liberty, safety, and the pursuit of real happiness wherein a holistic model of our collective and individual health is enabled and reinforced by the laws and systems of mankind.

Let the militaries go after gross polluters and evil corporations, let the courts become as the white blood cells they are supposed to be and imprison/re-educate the corrupt leaders killing us all through mismanagement. Let the kingdom of Babylon heal itself by turning its own hateful fearful focus upon itself. Learn to see clearly the hypocrite within and thus perceive our individual and collective lies. Be humble, be still when violence beckons, move quickly in action when love and pure reason calls.

Be Love
Share your personal meaning wherever and with whomever you feel you may...

{Images linked/Art by Laura Pelick/Programming & Data Formulation & Articulation by DPC}

Death is not the greatest loss in life.
The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

(Norman Cousin)

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