Saturday, December 19, 2009

Probing the Depths of Co-Creation

Within the essence of human discernment we observe that our relationship with any
object or subject is held to the somewhat nebulous conditions of our associative
patterning of perception concerning that object or subject. What we currently
understand of associative patterns is that they are governed by our conscious/unconscious
reactions to the data stream of our life, a life comprised of visible and invisible events
which represent an immeasurable quantity of multi-dimensional information which is
typically understood through the simplified concept of "experience." But what is
experience? And while this question is perhaps impossible to answer in an absolute/universal sense,
it is still generally understood through direct exposure as human beings that we have
all had differing 'experiences' of life, thus our organisms are possessed of different
associations to every single aspect of any experience, and those differing associative
patterns thus affect how we discern of reality/self, and it is this unique pattern of
perceived reality and self which governs the meaning we make of the world,
which in turn affects how we react to what we perceive/experience/believe/remember/intend/do,
and so on and so forth.

Thus when dealing with spiritual/shamanistic axioms which are illusive to say the least,
such as "The world is what we think it is," it becomes apparent that in a co-creative
reality there are myriad possible interpretations therein. Consider how humanity is
currently 6,663,975,820 strong by census approximation
via the World POPClock Projection, on 04/27/08 at 09:22 GMT (EST+5)....
With this factor taken into account, that means there are currently 6,663,975,820 different realities
existing upon this one singularity of consciousness which is Gaia/Earth/our host organism,
as per the perceptual axiom that 'the world is what we think it is.'
If we consider that the you who identifies itself as You is the middle self or the
mediator between the higher and lower selves, and that the lower self which is
analogous to western psychologies' concept of a subconscious, is a separate entity
or primal self comprised of its own thoughts on what creation is,
then we must increase the number of possible creations by the power of two,
which would mean there are actually 133,327,951,640 realities occuring right now.
If we add the higher self or more accurately huna's parental pair of masculine
and feminine qualities overlooking our incarnation--- then we now have four different
takes on reality, adding up to 26,655,903,280 realities existent (that's~27 trillion).

This is not even broaching the subject of perception itself: a human brain which
contains about 10 billion nerve cells, or neurons, wherein on average, each neuron
is connected to other neurons through about 10 000 synapses firing differing singles
and evolving/changing thoughts all the time based upon incoming/outgoing/reflexive/relational data;
or the innumerous organs through which what we call awareness and perception is
accomplished and their various interpretations/needs/expectations;
nor does this take into account the mysterious realm of imagination and its various
synthesis and antithesis of realities or the quantum potentials therein.
And because it is virtually impossible, but through mystical intuitive means,
to understand the nature of: universal truth or what an 'other' is thinking/feeling/being,
at least amongst humans; the unknown perceptual relativities of the animal kingdom;
the various elemental facets of Gaia and her/their desires.
Even communication of our relative takes concerning self/reality are challenging
to understand while experiencing separation through the egoic-illusion of individual
consciousness singularities in space-time...and if we go still further, and henceforth
stray from the boundaries of acceptable norms concerning reality and galactic
possibilities, and therein add the existence of extraterrestrial thought-forms,
inter-dimensional entities and mediums whose waveforms allude our current
electromagnetic devices of measurement...and that all of these 'other forces'
should also be considered to have some moderate to equal influence,
and thus create a notable impact upon the reality which is the nexus of Gaia
as a Galactic Matrix --- then our equation of thought provoking manifestation
per 'the world is what we think it is' paradigm --- widens and widens till we are left
with a number of thoughts/realities as complex as creation itself.
And what if we change our mind about reality all at the same time?

That is then, an infinite number of seemingly separate thoughts about what reality is,
thus an infinite number of realities existent, yet all --- whether discursive and
supposedly at odds through inverse/black whole/dark matter drives --- or
loving/whole/integrative/creative passion flowers --- relating through a divine network
beyond our conscious comprehension. No lack of energy or drive,
no lack of evolution, no lack of inspiration, no lack of possibilities,
infinite potential beyond any fears and lack of egocentric boundaries of self
or disenchanted anthropomorphism of Creations or Creators we may be currently
experiencing as belief and perception. We are, and Creation is, imagined and real,
each and all different from one another yet existing within the same one-ness of space
and time connectivity, blended, understood and realized through the universal bridge
of our human imagination envisioning this possibility as we allow these concepts to
impact our meaning making minds.

This information is not intended to be used to deny and ignore the cause and effect
of third-dimensional technological/ideological effects humanity has engaged in
to learn the power of separation and cohesion through darkness and destruction of self
via the illusion of separation.

To heal the current reality of fragmentation, without telling you what to believe
or how to react to reality, the DPC humbly suggests that each human being understand
for themselves the truth of co-creative unification and the boundaries therein.
As such, each individual unit of human consciousness must come to understand
and reckon with its current level of metaphysics as per the inter-relationships between
differing dimensions of mental/emotional/physical/psychic/spiritual mediums of being
without harming others or creation in the process, or why profess to be interested in
this experience of existence which is inherently co-creative --- thus implying one is
interested in the art of relationship --- where love is the law.... Without an
understanding and implementation of loving unification addressing these currently
warring aspects of self/other/reality, there can be no true unification within
the matrix of Earth/mind, and words like peace and harmony are thus proven false
and meaningless.

Hence unification begins within an individual's consciousness, and radiates outwards
through the intention and cultivation of love's perceptual clarity concerning the
humbling mystery of what is possible, which is everything and nothing as per our ability
to engage in a loving co-creative venture within our current manifestation of Earth.

Let the underlying intention for existence in any dimensional construct therefore
be love, acceptance, forgiveness, and faith in Nature's living truth.

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