Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Psychophysical Premise

All that we experience and know is actually mental in nature. What we refer to as the physical --- that which third-dimensional science measures and exploits --- is inseperable from what we think about it. In fact, the world is ultimately only what we feel and know as sensory experience, and sensory experience itself is ultimately determined by and inseparable from mental states and attitudes. The fact that a machine runs is due to its being the activation of a particular set of mental attitudes and projections.

The most thorough experiential exposition of the psychophysical premise is provided by Buddhist meditation techniques, Shamatha (mind-calming) and Vipassana (mental insight). Needless to say, the mainstream of modern techno-science relegates these techniques and this premise to the subjective borderland of the paranormal. But everything is subjective and relative, including --- and in many ways especially --- modern science. What is truly subjective and irrational is the unexamined mind...

The problem of alienation from nature results from and is reinforced by the tendency to assume categorically, without understanding, that all thought, theories, concepts and so forth are no more than mental constructs with no intrinsic reality of their own, inseparable from unconsciously held emotional states and unexamined cultural attitudes. It is precisely to address this unfortunate mental condition that hygienic techniques of mindfulness are defined and practiced in order to demonstrate immediately, clearly and directly the psychophysical nature of reality.

{The Call of Pacal Votan, J.A.)

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