Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reflective Aspects of Being

She is language; he is thought
She is prudence; he is law
He is reason; she is sense
She is duty; he is right
He is author; she is work
He is patience; she is peace
He is will; she is wish
He is pity; she is gift
He is song; she is note
She is fuel; he is fire
She is glory; he is sun
She is motion; he is wind
He is owner; she is wealth
He is battle; she is might
He is lamp; she is light
He is day; she is night
He is justice; she is pity
He is channel; she is river
She is beauty; he is strength
She is body; he is soul

Husband and Wife must be souls like twin flames illuminating all about them.
It is not a question of equality between them but of identity.

{From Vishnu Bhagavata}

{Programming by DPC}

These are metaphors for the Yin/Yang,
or feminine/masculine energies/qualities in each being,
not just some form of idealized heterosexual coupling ideology...
Hence, husband and wife refers to the cosmic marriage of duality
within an entity embracing these aspects of Self.

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