Saturday, December 19, 2009


{Hamza el Din playing the Oud}

Method...a devotional path of progressive development or
"unveiling of the heart" or discovering the "thrones of
compassion" dwelling in every soul

Both negative and postive, disciple must go through
negative experience to realize the falsehood of his views

Observe the basic tenets of the Shari'ah, renounce
worldly (unworthy) goals

Intense practice of self-examination and spiritual
disciplines given by Shaykh to identify "weaknesses"
(and then strengthen)

Ikhlas "absolute sincerity" is critical, seeker must
believe in the inner truths of the path

Positive and negative experiences, reveal limitations
and potential of novice

Results in true knowledge of the Tawhid or Haqiqah
"Truth" (Name of Creation)


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