Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a vision

We support one another
Without condition.
We breathe with every breath
The many manifestations of Love.

We understand the power that we house
And we know with absolute certainty
Our potential as co-creators.

We are powerful and creative
Masters of our reality.

We transform our world
To the world we remember.

We feed the hungry.
We house the homeless.
We heal the hurting with loving hands.

We open our hearts
To everyone who crosses our path,
Victim, perpetrator, seer, seeker.
Those we can see and those we cannot.

We Love the Loving.
We Love the hating.
We show the angry there's another way.

We inject violence with patience and compassion.
We transform war into peace.
We honour and respect our Mother Earth.

We care for our children.
And we teach our children
To care for each other.

We love to explore.
We dance with abandon.
We sing a song of Love.

We honour every aspect of who we are,
Physically, mentally, emotionally,
Spiritually and sexually.

We are soul, mind, consciousness.

We celebrate life.
And bask in the beauty.
Of Creation and Divine.

We are bliss
With every breath.

We are bliss
With every breath.

We are Loving.
We are One.
We are Free.

©2006 Kiera's House of Love

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