Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dynamic Self-Healing

...The fascination for me lies in the interesting relationship between our beliefs and our bodies. Just as in the early evolutionary one-celled creatures, who communicated via their chemistry, our cells are doing the same things within our bodies. Thus our thoughts become our chemistry, and our beliefs our biology. Our love, relationships, and consciousness thus affect the energy and matter within us... some of these self-induced healings are miraculous, in the sense of energy being provided and utilized to heal, without loss of matter other than the disease. In some cases, even more matter is created in the healing process. There are reports of limbs growing longer, of congenital anomolies, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Down's syndrome disappearing after attending a healing service. In modern society, we see fewer examples of healing of this kind because of the unhealthy guilt, shame, and blame that we are exposed to by unhealthy families, religious principles, and failure-oriented educations.

...all that we have learned and all that has occured since the original creation is contained within the collective unconscious, and all of it is available to each one of us through our consciousness.... though perhaps not easily available, because most of us are too involved intellectually to be in touch with this deeper knowledge that exists within our minds and bodies. However, when we do contact it we have a portion of the original source's power and energy to create.

{excerpts from Bernie S. Siegel's "A Way of Healing"}

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