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The emotional evolution...

The teleology of the Universe
is directed to the production of Beauty.
Thus any system of things which in any wide sense is beautiful
is to that extent justified in its existence.

{Alfred North Whitehead}

In relation to perceptual relativity and sentient existence, what is being 'positive' as applied to humans by humans, supposedly for humans? Live in the world today and one ultimately discovers that the idea of positivity as an exemplary personality characteristic has come to dominate every aspect of self-development, infusing our scenarios of pop-culture, spirituality, politics, and business with certain parameters of emotional labor as an unpaid necessity we may never clock out from the enforcement of... Positivity thus permeates our collective conceptualizations as a prerequisite befitting the so-called winner's attitudes within many diverse sociological settings spanning Terra and is integral to the global phenomena of capitalism which has become the reigning paradigm...

The projected ideology of 'being positive' in this sense is one of correct mental-emotional attitude and perspective, an idea seemingly conveying and implying that no matter what negativity or disaster may occur, a human being is better off looking at the bright side of things than becoming entrenched in the seemingly powerless-dismal outlooks of hopelessness. With movies like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know" it is even projected that if we fail to do so, that is, "to be positive," we indeed create a negative reality around us? So what is true, what is real, what is positive as opposed to negative, what is fear based thinking and what in these conclusions and assertions is of love's truth? Are we to blame for the reality which surrounds us?

Though positivity is mentally-emotionally vital to our well being, has this ideology gone too far so that positivity has become like the zealous ideologies of patriotism which falsely accuse good people of being terrorists, or the religious fervor which produces hateful jihads that kill innocents under the name of false spiritualism? Has positivity in some ways it is enforced merely become yet another front for more victimization of already beleaguered minds, body, and spirits?

How to Be Positive

The Power of Positive Thinking


Did you create GMO's, did you create nuclear weapons, are you making corporations lie to you, are you responsible for governments being corrupt? Are citizens in war torn countries responsible for being shot at, blown up, and aggressed by all sides? Who is creating what, for it is heard a great deal that 'we create our own reality'? Does this apply to starving children in Africa, or gang rape victims held captive by rebels with guns sold to them by illegal arms dealers? In this modern age of smug intellectualism and collective assertions by privileged citizens of first world nations dismissing the suffering of impoverished others, does the victim have any defense in the harsh light of western interpretations of karma, or does the victim deserve every painful nightmare they experience as payment due from some previous or future lifetime? What is the truth in these matters of which so many feel themselves an expert in discerning justice while remaining positive?

While perhaps none can disagree with the truth that real suffering is not fun, and that the experience of mental-emotional negativity can be traumatizing... Neither can (or should) one individual or group of individuals deny an other's natural experience of mental-emotional-physical-psychic-spiritual freedom, wherein the turbulence and hardships of life leading to depression and suffering in general often do occur, and for necessary reasons of advancement of self reflection. The vibrational transmutation enabling self-evolutionary integration and ascension though acceptance of unavoidable suffering, is true learning because it is reality, it is existence, and to accept rather than deny the events of our existence is the basis of awareness, which is truth. If one can do this, then the experience of darkness and negativity can be used to understand what we do not want to experience in our reality, but if we simply avoid the realization of such, avoid the understanding of our suffering, then we help to enable the same to continue in some facet of our reality. True change can only come about by synthesis of the whole of our self which is reality, not any fractals of separation being offered as truth under a delusionary blanket of false oneness.

Just as a parent may want to shield their child from suffering out of love for their offspring, and find that such is impossible and ultimately leads to unhealthy control trips for themselves and their children, robbing all parties of valuable experience and wisdom to be found in the trust issues of living, dying, and everything in between... So does the philosophically minded look outwards and inwards at the vast array of disturbances possible and the rigorous learning which results from relating to and overcoming such challenges as life inherently provides for each and every organism/element/bit of matter/idea/dream/etc., and finds that existence is naturally comprised of suffering. Suffering which teaches and tests us, providing trials and tribulations that if embraced may offer up greater and greater truths for anyone mentally-emotionally mature enough to recognize the subtle wisdom within open-minded relationships to reality, others, and self.

Because we are as a species prone to: vast displays of closed minded arrogance and pride induced assertions of false-truths; claiming assumptive facts as reality as opposed to mysterious so-called mythical fictions; creating myriad violent causes and effects as opposed to peaceful ones; and waging vast global campaigns to intentionally brainwash our own and others offspring...we may observe that the truth of positivity has been misconstrued as so many other words which have lost their meaning in the modern age. Beyond failed representation, 'Positivity' is surely not being happy at the expense of truth, nor is being positive about ignoring others' feelings or our own because it suits our social facades to do so, nor is living positively - 'positive' - if it denies the suffering of others and the many organisms of Earth. And so whether these malignant and self manifest forms of possivity parade themselves round as 'positive' or not with a beautiful smile inserting two-faced daggers in the back of any they perceive as 'losers, freaks, poor, stupid, negative, terrorists, diseased, and unpatriotic sinners from hell' , or whatever the form of hatred disguising itself as 'positive' may be, such is not positive. The truth of positivity is love.

Love as socially applied to self, others and reality, is acceptance, truth, optimism, and faith in a higher good, so that we as individuals and an ever growing collective may keep a clear vision of that living wisdom which honors our existence and all organisms and elementals which we share mysterious space-time with. Being truly positive is having the courage to feel the suffering of the world, to recognize and champion the sufferers of this life, and to be okay with the truth of the many painful byproducts of humanity's ignorance and still continue to feel the unbearable lightness of being, which is choosing to be positively mindful. If we do not have the courage to be positive in this sense then our positivity is an immature fraud whose truth is more like a fruit not yet ripe for the eating... and in proposing positivity as such a sour cruel fruit of heartless social shallows wrought in separation and fears of the perceived negativity of sadness and suffering inherent in life, then we shall only continue to allow the victimization of innocence everywhere upon our planet and within ourselves.

In relation to the constant suggestions and forced feeding of attitudes, moods, and ideas upon the young and old alike, the hypocrisy of being authentically human is immediate via incarnation into the distorted paradigms of human existence. Thus positivity at the expense of truth has become a deadly form of denial quite commonplace in our modern age of mental-emotional pollutants socially venerated and systematically enforced. Because of this the individual unit of consciousness concerned with truth must transcend the molds of identity and idea concerning self, others, and reality given them by humanity, to discover personal meaning, enable compassionate positivity, and create a beauty that is deeper than the facades of surface mentality or material manifestation.

{Written by Brennpunkt of the DPC}

{Images Linked/Art by David Choe/Programming by DPC}

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