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A medley for power...

Our conscience is not yet wholly conscience.
It is twilight.
The transition from the non-intentional
to the intentional is noticeable.
We are not awake enough.

{Emmanuel Levinas}

Video's YouTube URL: Battling for water in the Amazon - 20 May 08
Linked Via Al Jazeera Net

Lakes and rivers sustain the eco-systems of the Amazon, not only the native humans of the forest, but all of the plants and creatures living within and amongst the surrounding environment. These severe changes to the flow of water in that region will affect even the weather patterns just as wherever deforestation has occurred --- desert wastelands have followed.... It is well known the eco-system of a rainforest actually creates the stormy weather which supports its fertile riches of moist environments wrought in multitoods of thriving organisms.

As the Brazilian official stated, the rapid growth of humanity coupled with the disastrous need to achieve competitive status, are the reasons for these developments... What was not said by him, was that those who believe in the systems of competitive models of behavior and their consequential technocratic tyranny through the industrial annihilation of Nature, are directly responsible and should be held liable for the continuing global patterns of highly educated stupidity which are right now annihilating this planet's ability to sustain life as we know it.

It is a sickening travesty that the governments and leaders of this world expect common people, environmentalists, future generations of working class people, students and activists, as well as struggling indigenous tribes to fight a corrupt system on what should also be the creator's of these nihilistic systems intelligent decision, that is, to do the right thing and protect the very nature which gives us life on Earth.

DPC can only conclude at this time that the current rulers of Earth are ignorant and seemingly evil in their continuing support to do the wrong thing --- for example:

to forever avoid the subject of real truth, of real meaning, and to avoid promoting honest communication and loving relationships between humans of every nation, and instead setting differing nations and peoples of this one planet against each other through fear and mainstream media propaganda;

to train soldiers to kill one another while the rich get richer making a profit from the death and rape of countless innocents;

to act like we have the time and space to believe and behave as if we possess
-- unlimited resources way out here in an obscure arm of a whirling galaxy in a vast universe
-- unlimited time to play the horrific games of competition through so many competitive modalities and forms leading no where but to an untimely demise
-- unlimited time to delude ourselves with fanciful tales of enemies and the glory of defeating them and becoming the heros of a dead planet
-- unlimited time to believe we shall be saved from our own greed and corruption by wishful thinking or more popularized lies deluding the masses
-- unlimited time to sarcastically avoid the tensile subject matter of the violent oppression of truth and love on Earth by not taking ourselves or anything too seriously....

But this is strange thinking, because is war not serious? Is being imprisoned for unjust reasons not serious? Is being raped not serious? Why avoid seriousness till it explodes upon us? Global Warming is a planetary killer, so is spontaneous combustion from the sun's unfiltered radioactivity not serious? Would walking out side and just lighting on fire for no other reason than that corporations and the elites of oil and manufacturing/etc. wanted to make as much money in their short greedy lives of sex and violence, not serious? Spontaneous combustion via global warming would be a real bummer for sure, in fact, it seems kinda serious.... Still, look at all the commercials and add campaigns for nice rides and miltaries and airlines and the whole industrial hoopla, and it is as if global warming is not happening or something not so serious or to be paid attention to?

Hence, it is clear we are not serious about life, not serious about love, not serious about great sex (sex is naturally greater when there is harmony and health for all life on Earth). Neither are we serious about sanity, or pure rationality, nor about being genuinely cool or intelligent... but who is we? We the people would gladly follow our leaders and systems of society to a new level of awareness and environmentally friendly heights, since doing the right thing is only common sense... So the blame seems to need to come back to rest upon the corporations and leaders, to those making money from the ignorance and suffering on Earth, and not on the common people whom have only learned to be obedient and respectful of the systems ruling over them. Even terrorism would cease to exist if the leaders of this world did not create an unjust reality wherein drastic violent means were necessary to make much needed statements about the hypocrisy of current ruling regimes.

All of this seems rather serious... Sex is serious, pregnancy is serious, raising a family is serious, life and death are serious, the living of life should be serious as well, yes? Still, it is as if pop-culture policy makers and its many minions of faithful believers actually think that being serious about life, taking seriously the possible pain, real suffering, and the human injustices which actually create these unnatural states of hell on Earth instead of heaven on Gaia are no longer cool to talk about or confront the madness of? Meanwhile many new beings are brought to this planet and are being affected by the cultural outputs of the corrupt industrial think tank demanding respect and obedience but giving none in return. So however unpopular it may be to talk about, 'Powerlessness' as a feeling and collective sentiment continues to grow and grow, while the violence of frustration is building and building...

The boredom of caring about nothing that matters has got everyone searching for something to occupy their time, their attentions, their minds, and so they turn to the trash programming of those whom can afford to train Earth's occupants in the ways of powerlessness and hopelessness... And hence the systems which we pay heed to, give our money to, make rich, and give our respect and minds and trust to, these are the same organizations run by fellow human beings whom are everyday actively seeking to enslave the masses in ignorant mind-sets while killing the Earth for reasons which appear more and more to be of a dark magic nature, as in the power of 'sacrifice.

' Look around, does any of it make sense? Why would anyone who also lives here do so much damage to a planet we must all share, torturing and killing people and foreign cultures whom they must live with till humanity has perished from the surface of the earth? Does it make sense through any other rationale but the perspective that everything here is being sacrificed?

Consider how sacrifice is the oldest form of tribal/shamanic/spiritual/religious/governmental/military/scientific harnessing of power/understanding/life/truth through the slavery/control of unlimited spiritual entities such as human beings represent, but have been programmed to disbelieve in... Check out these links and deduce for yourself the true hidden agenda of everything going on here, now....


human sacrifice

The radical violence and man-made pollution of earth and our bodies is scary to say the least... In fact, it is so disturbing, that many cannot and choose not to view it or understand it... Perhaps some turn to demonic worship or self debasement just to feel more empowered amongst the carnage of this collective meaningless and virtual soul-loss, as in, if you cannot beat them (the evil-doers), then join them.

But as every soldier knows (even though the battles fought for governments and nations are neither sane nor justifiable sacrifices of the precious gift of life which soldiers possess without training or proving themselves in battle), it is within the point of any conflict by which one is seemingly defined, tested, and forged into what their life's meaning was, is, and shall become. Thus conflict in awareness or in reality is very scary for many because it is a deciding factor in the time-space continuum of self existence however egocentric such an understanding may be. And hence denial is often better suited for a socialized mentality of passivity more concerned with the need to survive and function in a world of civilized passive-aggressiveness, so that one is not bogged down in hopelessness or fear, or seemingly defeated by the many tests of sentient reality which come through deepening awareness of what Is.

Surely none of it is good to feel, to be aware of, to think about, to consider.... None of it seems all that simple to heal, to perceive clearly, as if none of it ('IT' being the pain and suffering of existence...) wants to be seen clearly. It is as if the mystery which is the evil of ignorant behavior has its own psychic defense mechanisms, its own threats of torture and death and social alienation for those who probe too deeply into painful truths which love naturally reveals.

The Propaganda of fear based historical accounts menacingly hint at how every being who rises up to change things is: assassinated, tortured, gunned down, poisoned; crucified by public scrutiny, while in modern times our human-ness of sexuality, past mistakes, and learning experiences are so often thrust into the public eye via corporate media systems -- to shame and guilt trip us out of existence, to discredit our truth and the relevant conclusions we might have shared, all to destroy the possible changes we may have introduced to a stagnant corrupt prison of global ills.

It is a fairly obvious game, yet so often the masses play the scripted part of the "lynch mob" and go along with the noosing of human goodness and common sense if it comes in a package which is not perfect, even while nothing here is perfect. It seems there is some implied righteousness to be found through believing what everyone else does, or not caring at all, as if complacency and remaining calm at all times is paramount over redefining self and reality for clarity purposes no matter the outer appearance of such or the means by which human light is revealed... shame and ignorance seems to be winning the day, but this cannot be true.

DPC is generally a space of open minded exploration of all possible facets of perception and wisdom, intent on exploring every avenue of cosmic insight available, yet this issue of confronting the hopelessness of corruption which the worlds' leaders 'one and all' represent at this time in Earth's history, is a travesty which forces one to dig deep for hope, dig deep for faith, dig deep for a sense of personal meaning and purpose in life that does not end in suicidal depression or the limitations of getting lost in the social shuffle of collective disenchantment...

So what is the cure for the denial and hideous ignorance which allows these colonialist antics now become capitalist's excuses of competitive industrialization superseding Nature's timeless perfection? Why is humankind playing the consumate fool and allowing self and reality to be sacrificed to the hidden wizards of OZ? Is there no way to follow all the money to its source like a river to its beginning? Is there no one at the top who cares enough to change for the better? Is there no way to stop blaming ourselves (we the people) for the world which has been created for us to kill ourselves through?

Does it help the world in general or the evolution of humanity, for those of the the so-called self empowerment ideologies to blame individuals for the world surrounding them? Can those of the self proclaimed light finally see that these blame games are only helping the ruling elite to remain hidden and blameless for the drugs of ignorance and violence they are pushing upon the unsuspecting masses of Secret believers and mystic sheep?

The wandering flock must be fed upon a strict diet of holisitic truth, not the specialization of ideological subterfuge and escapist dreams of transcendental happenstance. In the metaphor of the common household, the Mother Earth teaches you must clean up your biological bedroom before going out to play in the spiritual realms of etheric shoots and ladders, this is only common sense.

The sacrifice of all life on Earth must end... it is that simple.

{Data formulated and articulated by DPC}

This movie is very violent.
The DPC cannot be held accountable
for any disturbances
viewing it
may cause you...

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