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To be oneself, that is to say, to live in the consciousness of one's own essence, promotes the growth of a new understanding. It is just as if delicate fingers were unfolding, one by one, the petals of a lotus.

Between the spasmodic movements of the finite and the immobility of the infinite flows a continuous stream of the force of sakti. This is the process of becoming. It can be said that the force of sakti is continuous, since it can be perceived as such by consciousness. But if you believe that it is unconscious, its movement will be for you only a succession of jerking dots and all things will then have a beginning and an end.

But consciousness, even at the mental level, demands continuity. It lives by duration. And duration is not a blank word. This idea is at the root of the Vedic conception of reality as pure Existence (satyam}, the rhythm of time (rtam), and constant growth (brhat). What is most important is the link between satyam and rtam. This is the fundamental Law of spiritual evolution.

By being conscious of oneself it is possible to pass from the plane of personality to the plane of essence, for an observer is then present....yet, the extreme relativity of consciousness must never be forgotten. Those who have a highly developed personality are less easily penetrated by a new form of consciousness.

Thus every morning awaken like a young child. At noon, stand majestically as men and women in full development. In the evening, be conscious beings ripened in strength and serenity, who having drunk deep at the fountain of life, watch the approach of death. In the middle of the night, be the Void itself, the darkness of the sky in which a moon ray still shines....

{Excerpts from Sri Anirvan's, On Being Oneself}

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