Saturday, December 19, 2009


The problem is to bring thought into its proper relationship
with the natural world by surrounding it with an abundance
of space and quietude---the song of the woodthrush is
always followed by silence. Who is to say which is more
important, the song or the quiet interval before and after?

The task is to find a language which is deeply viseral in
its movement of meaning, and speaks with clear resonant
images---when from a precipice the chamois stamps its
hooves, thrusts its chest into the open air, and sounds
its hourse whistle, who would not admire the seriousness
of his message?

The goal is to refuse to seperate Art from Science and Religion
by confronting head on the contradictions that have for centuries
divided them---when three different paths meet at the same
mountain spring, who among us would not share the epiphany
of eagle's eye that there is really but one pilgrim,
but one path?

{"On Sayings in Prose and other Metaphysical Miniatures", by Cliff Crego}

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