Saturday, December 19, 2009

Science Machine

Man only progresses by slowly elaborating
from age to age the essence and the totality
of a universe deposited within him.

Pierre Teihard de Chardin
(1955/1961, p. 180)

Our perception creates a duality of subject and object, of the subjective and the objective. We think of information as objective, and experience as subjective. In fact, no such dualities exist. Information and experience are one and the same. Every particle in the universe is alive with experience. Every organism is alive with experience. The Universe is alive with experience. On the universal level, experience is one. We are one with this universal experience.

Information does not pass into extinction with the passage of time. Time is a series of universal boundaries beginning with the inception of our universe. We know, according to relativity that, at the speed of light, time stands still. So, for light, and for the Universal Holographic boundary expanded outward at the speed of light, time is standing still. Light is essentially timeless. It is eternal.

On the boundary of our universe, there is only now. The universe, is, in fact, continually being recreated, continuously revisiting and repeating its own history. It is always being now. From eternity to eternity, forever and ever, from now-past to now-future, it is always being now. This is the eternal now. Everything and everybody is eternal on the highest dimension of the universal pulse.

And yet time flows. It flows in the lower dimensions, tied to the bulk, tied to matter, tied to the continuous stutter of systems, following the arrow of the concatenation of information. The light moves outward. Time seems to move. And yet, it is always being now.

Our now is the outer surface in time of a series of nows. This series of nows is time. As this outer surface moves ever further outward, things appear to be created, things appear to be destroyed. The body dies and decays. This all is an illusion of our perception. When the curtain is lifted, we pass into eternity, which is our home. Eternity is here, right here, all around us, spread like a blanket that covers the Earth. We call this blanket the noosphere (Teilhard, 1955/1961), the blanket of knowing. It is a blanket upon blankets upon blankets of nows, built up like the strata that lie beneath our feet, each reaching to a higher dimension of knowing. This is the most fundamental basis of evolution.

We stand, as it were, on the outermost blanket of the pulse of our planet. With every pulse is the creative advance. With every pulse there is a higher dimension of knowing. The evolution of life is fossilized, or so it would appear, in the strata beneath our feet. And yet, if we were to remove these strata, we would have no place to stand. We would fall into the void, into the abyss of time, disconnected from are own ground of being.


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