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Ancient tibetan(La), east Indian(Prana), chinese(Qi), and japanese(Ki) healing practices included the laying on of hands to the patient's body, deep breathing, conscious intentions, and devout focus upon the client and the healing meditation. These healers were like shamans of ancient times, working with forces which are available to all life-forms through the access point of the breath, applying and disciplining themselves into the art of becoming conduits of a universal Source energy field permeating all space and time.

DPC has created this post to share a basic practice of self-healing that anyone may adapt to themselves and apply accordingly. As with anything, the more one practices this, the more one will become aware of its subtle inner workings, and as such so will their practice evolve and strengthen till they may also feel confident to help others with the laying on of hands, deep breathing, and loving intentions. This practice goes by no name, you do not need to pay anyone money to become a master of it, there is no religion or politics involved, no school needed, no medical dangers involved, and does not represent the wisdom of some cult or another, well, unless the Lovers of this world have formed a cult the DPC is currently unaware of...

The Practice: Energy Healing

**lay in healers pose on floor, this means -- lay on your back, legs close together, arms by sides, palms up. for this purpose, this pose may be altered by using pillows under your knees to relax lower back, since the goal is to make yourself as comfortable as possible regardless of the position you adopt to do the healing. whether you lay on your bed, the floor, or sit in a chair, or even choose to do this while at the beach laying in the sand, wherever, whenever, it is your practice and in that, it is the intentions, focus, and devotion to allowing for this methodology to work for you, that will lead to real results.

**begin deep breathing, starting your inhalation three finger-widths (three kun) below your navel, open up the breath all the way to your upper chest, then exhale in the reverse. feel this breathe cycle all through your body... create a space inside your mind where you can experience a letting go of all that is bothering you, pissing you off, hurting you, or bothering you in general, etc. likewise, let go of all thoughts and emotions, even positive memories or anything that may carry you away from focusing on your breathing. the point is not to stop positive or negative feelings, but rather to choose to focus upon your breathing and the love and light energy you want to flow through your body.

for this, a focus upon the emptiness of expansive space enveloping oneself is better than the clutter of possible memories and thoughtful conjectures which may fill up our inner space of consciousness. and though the energy has its own innate intelligence, it will to a large extent follow one's consciousness, thus to channel it like a riverbank of earth leads a stream to its final destination is the proper functioning of consciousness in this practice. negative emotions are like dams stopping our stream or river of energy, while joy may come through like a tornado carrying off our energetic stream with a wistful lack of resolve to take our suffering as important to heal through a loving focus. thus focus is key. a focus which will allow one to develop a self-inspired, self-relevant, self-created faith -- that through breathing alone and putting your hands on your body where you feel called to, you will bring relief to yourself, that you may cause change and alter your present condition for the better in any sense....

**after our breathing has become deeper and we have created a still place within to focus through, put your hands behind your head, at the base of your skull where your neck muscles attach, to either side of the back of the ears. leave one hand on each side, holding your head in your hands, continue breathing and imagining energy of whatever color of light flowing through you as you breathe. imagine the energy flows: see microcosmic orbit, this is a well written piece and video, pay attention to the detail that the tongue resides tucked upon the roof of the mouth to complete the circuit of energy. he is doing an active meditation, a form of Qi Gong, which is a Taoist mystical application of working with Source energy.

**points to hold, and perhaps in this order, are:

back of head
tense neck n shoulders
crown or top of head
third eye and forehead
eye sockets
mouth and nose
throat/front and back at same time
diaphragm/solar plexus
navel and stomach
pelvic region/ovaries
sex and anus
lower back - kidneys
sitting up - hold the knees/front and back
rub feet at end of session/bottoms especially,
begin to come back into body rubbing feet more vigorously as called for.

note: do not be alarmed if this practice makes you tired, the energy work will make one aware of fatigue, while the deep breathing will introduce more oxygen than is perhaps usual, just as the exhalation will also remove more toxins than is likewise usual.

**most important is to focus on your breathing and intention to be healed, to be free of pain, to be free of hatred, to be free of judgements and worry, to know you are deserving of this blessing and this infinite space of learning and forgiveness and mysterious healing.

this is an opportunity to practice letting go of the rational mind which may want to enforce pessimism and feel righteous in its anger, pain, and limitations. this practice is about surrender to the love in the universe regardless of one's take on such things. if you believe in a Creator, then by all means pray to that deity(ies), but if not, know this energy is here for all sentient beings/ inter-dimensional travelers seeking solace or a recharge. it is inexhaustible, infinite, does not favor one being over another, and is thus unconditional though channeling it as such obviously induces a more powerful relationship with it.

be aware there is a great deal of information in such energetic exchanges with the universe, and that with enhanced flows within oneself, many things become possible that might not have been before.... this practice may affect your dreams and waking life... be mindful of your emotions, and slowly one becomes more aware of the roots of suffering and the possible path of one's freedom from such.

through it all deep inhalation and deep exhalation is the key. sending energy whilst breathing, to every place the hands are holding presence. the energy flows steadily out the center of the palm and radiates out through the finger tips, the middle finger being the strongest, though the palm is the center, anomalies in this pattern are a given for we are all different. once again, it is consciousness that will focus the energy the most. meaning, it is our beliefs that create the reality of this practice... (do not expect to experience anything if you are in rigid disbelief, for such a closed mind creates a body which is also closed, rigid, and filled with hopelessness.)

the more you do this, the more aware you will become of how the energy flows through you.


{Programming by DPC}

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